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The 10 Worst UFC PPV Events Of All Time

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Top 10 PPV Events In Sports History

These are the top 10 biggest PPV buy events of all time.

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As a watertight means of measuring star-power, the introduction of the pay-per-view model back in 1981 was an instant game-changer. With each athlete’s promotional angle now irreversibly tied to their earnings, the pay-per-view era has been one that has seen a major upsurge in the dramatization of rivalries – with fighters often feeling the need to truly sell their feuds, no matter how genuine they actually are. Though largely dominated by boxing and its premier pay-per-view draws, this list certainly does validate some of the momentum that has undoubtedly been behind MMA in the last decade or so, making for a mixed bag of old and new. So with that being said, here are the Top Ten PPV Buys In Sports History.

Top 10 PPV Events In Sports History

Every PPV Result of 2019

-NXT TakeOver
-NXT TakeOver UK

-Pre-Show (Kickoff)
-Every Rumble Elimination
-Every Battle Royal Elimination
-Every Multi-Man Match Elimination

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